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Vess Modified Barium Swallow Chair

JZ Imaging & Consulting, Inc. offers the VESS Chair that is an adaptive seating device for the Modified Barium Swallow Radiographic studies. Departments of Radiology and Speech-Language Pathology are collaborating in the assessment and treatment of swallowing disorders in adults and children. To maximize the study outcome, proper patient positioning is necessary.

The VESS Chair is an innovative device which provides adaptive seating, plus assures patient safety, patient security and comfort, and staff safety and prevention of work injury.

The VESS Chair is constructed of rotation molded polyethylene and vinyl. The steel tubing base is covered by vacuum formed plastic. A demonstration video is available upon request.


The VESS Chair includes as standard equipment the following accessories:

bulletA pillow pouch with 3 pillow stuffers for optimal position of the patients head
bulletSafety straps for the head, torso, legs, and waist
bulletO2 tank storage- internal.
bulletIV pole
bulletRemovable, adjustable, locking arms
bulletChart holder
bulletFoley bag holder
bulletSpacers and straps for use the "Tumble Forms" feeder seat (when requested)

Each order includes two copies of the VESS Chairs Instructional Manual and a demonstration videotape for use during in service training with staff. There is no need for a maintenance contract.

The Vess Chair is literally maintenance free except for routine cleaning and safety checks.

**The Vess Barium Swallow Chair DOES NOT lay in the flat position to transfer patients with a slide board.**

If you need a chair that lays flat, please click here to go to our Hausted Modified Barium Swallow Chair

Download Vess Modified Barium Swallow Brochure


    Barium Swallow Chair Specifications


bulletWidth 15 1/2 inches
bulletTotal Height 59 inches
bulletTotal Length 52 inches
bulletEstimated Weight 135 lbs.


Features Unique to the Vess Chair:

bulletA more upright position of the chair so that the patient is at a 90 degree angle
bulletA pillow ouch with three pillow stuffers for optimal positioning of the patients head
bulletAdded safety straps for torso and head.
bulletInternal holder for oxygen tank and bracket for I. V. pole
bulletRemovable arms (Lockable)
bulletA linear actuator tilting device
bulletFront wheel locking mechanism for better steering control, as well as the ability to lock all four wheels with one pedal


The VESS Chair has been designed and marketed by those professionals intimately knowledgeable about the challenges associated in assessing persons with dysphasia. The need for a special seating device was identified in 1985, when a Speech-Language Pathologist, Radiologist and Radiological Technologist collaborated on the early design and prototype of the VESS Chair.

Over four years of research and design testing preceded the manufacture of the VESS Chair as it is today. We are proud to state that the VESS chair is constructed of high quality materials, with the best interest of your patients in mind. VESS Chairs, Inc. continually works to improve on the features of each chair to better serve your needs.

Each Chair is thoroughly inspected prior to its shipment to you. The chair is completely assembled and each part is assessed for optimal working function. At the time of the inspections, it is our assurance to you that the VESS Chair is shipped to you in accordance with our quality inmprovement6 standards.

The chair has one year warranty on parts.


In addition to properly positioning patients for the Modified Barium Swallow Study, the VESS Chair allows both the radio0logist and speech-language pathologist to move into and out of the fluoroscopy suite efficiently. What might have taken 45-60 minutes to position a patient on the fluoroscopy table and complete the swallow study without the VESS Chair, is now reduced to 10-15 minutes using the VESS Chair, depending on the patients' diagnosis and needs.

This efficiency reduces the time that the fluoroscopy room is occupied, allowing for additional patients to be seen, a reduction in patient wait time, and increase in department productivity. Moving one foot pedal allows the chair to rotate so that both the lateral and anterior-posterior (A/P) views can be obtained.

A video of the chair is available upon request.


If you need a chair that lays flat, please click here to go to our Hausted Modified Barium Swallow Chair


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