Hausted® Barium Swallow (Video)

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Hausted® Barium Swallow (Video)
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Hausted® VideoFluoroscopic Imaging Chair (VIC) Procedure and Patient Transport w/ accessories

The Hausted® VideoFluoroscopic Imaging Chair (VIC) has been designed specifically for modified barium swallow studies for AP and Lateral imaging as a procedural chair for diagnosis and treatment.

The shortened base is easy to maneuver in small rooms with large imaging equipment. The radiolucent backrest adjusts to a full upright position of 90 degrees to clear, unobstructed view for imaging. Inserts are available for pediatric procedures. This unit adjusts easily from sitting to supine and provides a rotating seat section with a stable work surface during patient treatment. Transport, treatment, procedure and recovery can be performed on the same unit to improve case turn around and streamline patient handling.


bullet3" Mattress
bulletRemovable Push Handles
bulletTelescoping IV Pole
bulletRemovable Patient Safety Straps with Velcro (Head, Waist, Leg)
bulletDorsal-Cervical Pillow
bulletBackrest Extension - Removable ($1,400 Value)


Operational Benefits

bulletThe specially-designed back section accommodates the space confinements of larger imaging equipment.
bulletThe radiolucent back section provides a clear, unobstructed site for imaging.
bulletThe back section attachment, used during transport, is easy to remove for radiological procedures.
bulletA full range of patient positioning is achieved using the backrest and leg sections which adjust from 90° upright to full supine, and 10° Trendelenburg.
bulletThe brake and steer system with 5" casters has three modes of operation: Steer, Neutral and brake. Steer levers are easily accessible at the rear corners of the base.
bulletHands Free Foot Pedals located at both sides of the chair for hydraulic height adjustment from 23.5" (60cm) to 31.5" (80cm)
bulletConvenient control levers located on either side of the chair for Recline and Trendelenburg.
bulletBackrest and leg section can operate simultaneously or independently.
bulletBackrest adjusts form 0-90° and Trendelenburg up to 10°

Economic Benefits

bulletThe easy-to-operate rotating seat section saves time in repositioning the patient for anterior-posterior and lateral imaging views.
bulletThe velcro positioning straps enable the care provider to securely position the patient in a time efficient manner.
bulletThe Easy-To-Operate rotating seat section saves time in repositioning the patient for anterior posterior and lateral imaging views.
bulletSpecially designed back section accommodates the space confinements of large imaging equipment.
bulletRadiolucent back section provides a clear, unobstructed site for imaging.

Patient Outcome and Safety Benefits

bulletThe back section attachment extends the chair back to provide the patient added comfort and security during patient transfers from bed to chair, and during inter-facility transport.
bulletPadded armrests and patient protecting side rails are designed with conveniently accessible release levers and can be tucked away for full access to patient.
bulletFootrest folds out for upright use and folds flush when chair is used in Supine and Trendelenburg positions.

(Shown with patient safety straps and dorsal cervical pillow)

General Specifications

Height Range: High 31.5 in [80 cm]
Height Range: Low 23.5 in [60 cm]
Overall Width 27 in [69 cm]
Patient Surface Width 22 in [56 cm]
Fowler Degree of Movement -10°- 90°
Caster 5 in [13 cm]
Padded Armrest Height 12 in [30.5 cm]
Padded Armrest Length 22 in [56 cm]
Maximum Weight Capacity 325 lbs [147.5 kg]

Hausted Video Barium Swallow Chair Brochure





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