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Stellant CT Injector Systems

Your Intelligent, Total Fluid Delivery System

Stellant D (Dual) CT Injection System - injector headFor four decades MEDRAD has changed the face of healthcare with the most technologically-advanced medical devices on the market. Now we continue our history of innovation with the new Stellant® CT Injection Systems.

Stellant Dual provides saline flush capabilities and robust protocol options for the most advanced clinical applications.

Stellant Sx meets the needs of the most demanding CT environments with maximum throughput and convenience.

All Stellant CT injector models are designed with patient safety as a priority.


Which Stellant CT injector model is right for you? Compare features of Stellant D and Stellant Sx Below.

Stellant Delivers...
what healthcare professionals around the world have asked for - safety, reliability, ease-of-use, and upgradeability.

Stellant Delivers...
increased throughput capability with advanced automation and convenience features.

Stellant Delivers...
effective contrast utilization and the ability to perform advanced injection protocols.

Which Stellant Is Right For You?

MEDRAD OFFERS STELLANT in two different models - Stellant D and Stellant Sx. The table below indicates the features available with each model. Use the table to help you choose which Stellant model is right for you.

Dual Syringe
Single Syringe
Advanced Clinical Applications
Increased Throughput
Dual Syringe
Saline Flush
Saline Test Inject
Timing Bolus w/ Saline
Prime Patient Tube w/ Saline
Improved Syringe Design
Priming Tube
Integral Autoload: AutoFind, AutoRetract, AutoAdvance, AutoFill
Auto Prime
Pressure Monitor Graph
Flow Profile
Color Touchscreen
Protocol Lock
Screen Configuration
Protocol Store/Recall
Remote Arming
Remote Check For Air
Programmable Pressure Limit
Test Inject
Scan Delay


Product Downloads
> Stellant Platform Brochure

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> Stellant D Brochure

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Stellant® Dual CT Injector

MEDRAD's Stellant D Is the Right Choice for Advanced CT Clinical Applications

Stellant D CT injector is a full-featured, dual syringe injection system that enables clinicians to perform the most critical CT contrast exams.

Saline Before and After Contrast

Because it is a dedicated, dual-head CT injection system, Stellant D allows you programming flexibility, including the exclusive ability to use saline before AND after contrast. From Saline test injection to timing boluses, Stellant D expands the number of protocols available to you with a single CT injector. Check out these sample CT injector protocols >>

Stellant D also provides clinical advantages from contrast savings to better diagnostic images.

Saline Flush

Stellant D introduces saline flush capability for CT imaging sites that need to produce optimal images using the most advanced clinical applications, such as those for Cardiac Angio and CTA.

Stellant D also provides intuitive automation and convenience features that can lead to reduced setup times and shortened overall scan times.

Features and Benefits

bulletSaline Flush capability for contrast efficiency, improved image quality, and reduced image artifacts
bulletEasily upgradeable Software and Hardware
bulletImproved syringe design for quick, easy install and detachment of CT syringes
bulletAutomation Features; Integrated Auto Load, Auto Retract, Auto Prime, Auto Syringe Sensing
bulletRemote Check For Air confirmation button on CT injector head
bulletRemote Arming at CT injector head
bulletColor Touchscreen
bulletPressure Monitor Graph to display real-time pressure during injection
bulletProgrammable Pressure Limit
bulletIntegrated Test Inject to ensure patency of vein
bulletGraphical, real-time Flow Profile
bulletStopwatch Timer
bulletProtocol Lock


Saline Advantage

MEDRAD's Stellant D Injection System brings saline flush capability to your CT procedures. The addition of saline to contrast injections has proven clinical advantages for imaging professionals. Here is some additional information about saline use in CT.

What can saline flush do?

Used as a "bolus chaser", saline creates a tighter bolus.
Independent research indicates that saline flush may reduce image artifacts in thoracic CT applications (1)

Saline Flush

bulletComplements Multidetector CT (MDCT)
bulletCreates tight bolus
bulletAllows clinicians to perform complex protocols like CTA, Cardiac CT
bulletEnables precisely-timed contrast delivery (pure arterial phase)
bulletPromotes efficient contrast use (1)
bulletAllows sequential injections of contrast & saline
bulletReduces artifacts and improves attenuation curve in thoracic CT (1)

Right Place, Right Time

Saline flush helps get contrast to the right place at the right time. The attenuation curve at the top demonstrates the theoretical ideal enhancement, putting the exact volume of contrast into the area of interest at the time of the scan. Achieving this ideal attenuation curve would require an impractically complicated, ideal bolus.
The illustration at the bottom shows that optimized enhancement, approximating the ideal, is possible with saline flush. Saline helps create a practically applicable, biphasic bolus that optimizes the contrast in the area of interest during the scan (2,3).

(1) Haage, Patrick, et al. "Reduction of Contrast Material Dose and Artifacts by a Saline Flush Using a Double Power Injector in Helical CT of the Thorax." AJR: 174, April 2000.

(2) Cademartiri, Filippo, et al. "Parameters Affecting Bolus Geometry in CTA: A Review." Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography 26(4):598-607.

(3) Fleischmann, Dominik and Karl Hittmair. "Mathematical Analysis of Arterial Enhancement and Optimization of Bolus Geometry for CT Angiography Using the Discrete Fourier Transform." Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography 23(3):474-484.


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