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Medical Imaging and Therapy Quality Assurance Catalog

The 2004 Medical Imaging & Therapy Quality Assurance catalog is the newest catalog offering from Cardinal Health's Radiation Management Services business.

Well-known brands of Victoreen® and Nuclear Associates, and Cardinal Health’s highly-accredited Global Calibration Laboratory, which offers a one-stop service and calibration for instruments, are featured in the catalog. The Medical and Therapy Quality Assurance Catalog effectively delivers quality assurance solutions in the diagnostic imaging, radiation oncology, and health/medical physics areas.

Review catalog by section: this catalog has 7 major sections, each section divided by product categories. Each product category is available as a separate .pdf file.


Medical Imaging and Therapy Quality Assurance Catalog - by section
Table of Contents
Diagnostic Imaging Quality Assurance:
Section Index
Diagnostic X-Ray QA Instruments
Radiography/Fluoroscopy Phantoms, etc.
Film Processor Quality Assurance
Film Handling and Storage
Mammography Quality Assurance
CT Quality Assurance
MRI Quality Assurance
Ultrasound Quality Assurance
Radiation Oncology Quality Assurance:
Section Index
Linear Accelerator QA Instruments
Radiation Oncology Chambers
Linear Accelerator Accessories
Patient Immobilization Devices, etc.
Brachytherapy Accessories
Radiochromatic Dosimetry
Radiation Safety:
Section Index
Personal Dosimetry
Ion Chamber Survey Meters
Survey Meters
GM and Scintillation Probes
Area Monitors
Radiation Protection
Radiation Warning Materials
Nuclear Medicine:
Section Index
Syringe Shields
Vial Shields
Quality Control Phantoms
Cardinal Health, Nuclear Pharmacy Services Nuclear Medicine Imaging/Therapy Radiopharmaceuticals, Kits and Services
Dose Calibrators
Pulmonary Imaging
Nuclear Cardiology
Imaging Accessories
Fume Hoods, Glove Boxes
Lead-Lined Furniture
Nuclear Medicine Shielding
PET Shielding
Counting Accessories, Decontamination Supplies
Education and Training:     
Section Index
Global Calibration Laboratory:
Global Calibration Laboratory



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