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With one button, the Rolloscope M masks automatically to each frame's pre-set film configuration. Extraordinary performance, fast and quiet. The ROLLOSCOPE ML features all the benefits of the ROLLOSCOPE M with an additional capacity of 33% more films and 4 across of 14" x 17" film.

Dims, Advances, Masks and Brightens. The Rolloscope M and ML also provide complete shutter control within each frame with four toggle switches for individual movement, as well as a roam function with a single joystick.

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bulletMasking is automatic as variable shutter positions are memorized for all 86 frames.
bulletWidest luminance range: 350 - 10,000+ nit for the M model, 350 - 12,000+ for the New ML model.
bulletDims automatically during frame selection.
bulletFast simple all-motorized shuttering: Individual movement throught four toggle switches.
bulletRoam function with single joystick.
bulletPresets through single-step push buttons
bulletAutomatic frame selector standard.
bulletTransparent film clips for fast loading and unobstructed viewing.
bulletVertical scrolling; view sitting, comfortably close to films.
bulletMoves easily on large casters.
bulletFits through a standard door and requires only a standard outlet to operate.
bulletFilm belt life expectancy a minimum of 10 years.
bulletNew Model ML holds up to 4 mammo cases on one frame, that's four years at once.


control panel


Maximum Viewing Capacity Model ML Model M
18 x 24 cm film 1,376 (8 over 8) 1,032 (6 over 6)
24 x 30 cm film 1,032 (6 over 6) 688 (4 over 4)
14" x 17" (MRI's, Ultrasound...) 344 (4 across) 258 (3 across)
Unit Dimension (w/o 12" deep shelf) 68"w x 30"d x 69"h 56"w x 30"d x 69"h


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