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From small clinic to large hospital, these high-quality x-ray cassettes will fit your radiology needs, as well as your budget. They're affordable, proven durable, easy to keep clean as well as easy to handle. Available in sizes from 8" x 10" to 14" x 17", with or without patient I.D. window (metric sizes are available). In addition, these cassettes are available in large format cassette sizes; 14" x 36" and 14" x 51".

(Non-grid type cassettes)
For use at off-site radiology facilities-clinics, private practices, chiropractic and veterinary offices. Get quality images at an economical price from these lightweight push-button cassettes. Available in sizes from 8" x 10" to 14" x 17", with or without patient I.D. window (metric sizes also available).
These screens are manufactured using sophisticated phosphor technology with advanced coating techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. This unique process ensures that the best possible relationship between speed and resolution is maintained resulting in optimum image quality. Stringent quality control standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing procedures which results in truly high performance screens. Available in standard sizes up to oversized 14" x 51".
Choose From:  
  BD Blue Detail 200 Incorporates excellent definition with high speed
  BFD Blue Fast Detail 400 High intensification with excellent detail perceptibility.
  BR Blue Rapid 800 Higher intensification with lower dose. Ideal for General Radiography.
The above speed classes are attained when using Full-speed Blue Film.
Cut the speed class in half when using Half-speed Blue Film.
  GF Green Fine 100 Outstanding detail. Ideal for Orthopedics and Extremity studies.
  GM Green Medium 200 Ideal for Chest Radiography and Pediatric studies.
  GR Green Regular 400 Designed for General Radiography procedures.
  GFA Green Fast 800 High speed, lower dose, ideal for Angiography and Barium studies.


Brand: With Window: Size: Catalog #:
Deluxe yes 8 x 10inch OW810
yes 9.5 x 9.5inch OW99
yes 7 x 17inch OW717
yes 10 x 12inch OW1012
yes 11 x 14inch OW1114
yes 14 x 14inch OW1414
yes 14 x 17inch OW1417
yes 14 x 36inch OW1436
yes 18 x 43cm OW1843
yes 18 x 24cm OW1824
yes 24 x 24cm OW2424
yes 24 x 30cm OW2430
yes 30 x 35cm OW3035
yes 30 x 40cm OW3040
yes 35 x 35cm OW3535
yes 35 x 43cm OW3543
no (blocker) 5 x 7inch O57
no (blocker) 5 x 12inch O512
no (blocker) 6 x 12inch O612
no (blocker) 8 x 10inch O810
no (blocker) 18 x 43cm O1843
no (blocker) 18 x 24cm O1824
no (blocker) 24 x 24cm O2424
no (blocker) 24 x 30cm O2430
no (blocker) 7 x 17inch O717
no (blocker) 10 x 12inch O1012
no (blocker) 11 x 14inch O1114
no (blocker) 14 x 14inch O1414
no (blocker) 14 x 17inch O1417
no (blocker) 14 x 36inch O1436
no (blocker) 14 x 51inch O1451
no (blocker) 30 x 35cm O3035
no (blocker) 30 x 40cm O3040
no (blocker) 35 x 35cm O3535
no (blocker) 35 x 43cm 03543
Economical yes 8 x 10inch GCW810
yes 9.5 x 9.5inch GCW99
yes 7 x 17inch GCW717
yes 10 x 12inch GCW1012
yes 14 x 14inch GCW1414
yes 11 x 14inch GCW1114
yes 14 x 17inch GCW1417
yes 14 x 36inch GCW1436
no (blocker) 6 x 12inch GC612
no (blocker) 8 x 10inch GC810
no (blocker) 9.5 x 9.5inch GC99
no (blocker) 7 x 17inch GC717
yes 18 x 43cm GCW1843
yes 18 x 24cm GCW1824
yes 24 x 24cm GCW2424
yes 24 x 30cm GCW2430
yes 30 x 35cm GCW3035
yes 30 x 40cm GCW3040
yes 35 x 35cm GCW3535
yes 35 x 43cm GCW3543
no (blocker) 10 x 12inch GC1012
no (blocker) 11 x 14inch GC1114
no (blocker) 14 x 14inch GC1414
no (blocker) 14 x 17inch GC1417
no (blocker) 14 x 36inch GC1436
no (blocker) 18 x 43cm GC1843
no (blocker) 18 x 24cm GC1824
no (blocker) 24 x 24cm GC2424
no (blocker) 24 x 30cm GC2430
no (blocker) 30 x 35cm GC3035
no (blocker) 30 x 40cm GC3040
no (blocker) 35 x 35cm GC3535
no (blocker) 35 x 43cm GC3543


Type: Sensitivity: Speed: Size: Catalog #:
Intensifying Screen Blue Detail 5 x 7in. BD57
Blue Detail 6 x 12in. BD612
Blue Detail 7 x 17in. BD717
Blue Detail 8 x 10in. BD810
Blue Detail 11 x 14in. BD1114
Blue Detail 10 x 12in. BD1012
Blue Detail 14 x 14in. BD1414
Blue Detail 14 x 17in. BD1417
Blue Detail 14 x 36in. BD1436
Blue Fast Detail 5 x 7in. BFD57
Blue Fast Detail 6 x 12in. BFD612
Blue Fast Detail 7 x 17in. BFD717
Blue Blue III 5 x 7in. B357
Blue Blue III 6 x 12in. B3612
Blue Blue III 7 x 17in. B3717
Green Fine 5 x 7in. GF57
Green Fine 6 x 12in. GF612
Green Fine 7 x 17in. GF717
Green Medium 5 x 7in. GM57
Green Medium 6 x 12in. GM612
Green Medium 7 x 17in. GM717
Green Regular 5 x 7in. GR57
Green Regular 6 x 12in. GR612
Green Regular 7 x 17in. GR717
Green Fast 5 x 7in. GFA57
Green Fast 6 x 12in. GFA612
Green Fast 7 x 17in. GFA717
Green Fast 8 x 10in. GFA810
Green Fast 10 x 12in. GFA1012
Green Fast 11 x 14in. GFA1114
Green Fast 14 x 14in. GFA1414
Green Fast 14 x 17in. GFA1417
Green Fast 14 x 36in. GFA1436
Green Fast 13 x 18cm GFA1318
Green Fast 18 x 24cm GFA1824
Green Fast 18 x 43cm GFA1843
Green Fast 24 x 24cm GFA2424
Green Fast 24 x 30cm GFA2430
Green Fast 30 x 35cm GFA3035
Green Fast 30 x 40cm GFA3040
Green Fast 35 x 35cm GFA3535
Green Fast 35 x 43cm GFA3543
Green Fine 8 x 10in. GF810
Green Fine 10 x 12in. GF1012
Green Fine 11 x 14in. GF1114
Green Fine 14 x 14in. GF1414
Green Fine 14 x 17in. GF1417
Green Fine 14 x 36in. GF1436
Green Fine 13 x 18cm GF1318
Green Fine 18 x 24cm GF1824
Green Fine 18 x 43cm GF1843
Green Fine 24 x 24cm GF2424
Green Fine 24 x 30cm GF2430
Green Fine 30 x 35cm GF3035
Green Fine 30 x 40cm GF3040
Green Fine 35 x 35cm GF3535
Green Fine 35 x 43cm GF3543
Green Medium 8 x 10in. GM810
Green Medium 10 x 12in. GM1012
Green Medium 11 x 14in. GM1114
Green Medium 14 x 14in. GM1414
Green Medium 14 x 17in. GM1417
Green Medium 14 x 36in. GM1436
Green Medium 13 x 18cm GM1318
Green Medium 18 x 24cm GM1824
Green Medium 18 x 43cm GM1843
Green Medium 24 x 24cm GM2424
Green Medium 24 x 30cm GM2430
Green Medium 30 x 35cm GM3035
Green Medium 30 x 40cm GM3040
Green Medium 35 x 35cm GM3535
Green Medium 35 x 43cm GM3543
Green Regular 8 x 10in. GR810
Green Regular 10 x 12in. GR1012
Green Regular 11 x 14in. GR1114
Green Regular 14 x 14in. GR1414
Green Regular 14 x 17in. GR1417
Green Regular 14 x 36in. GR1436
Green Regular 14 x 51in. GR1451
Green Regular 13 x 18cm GR1318
Green Regular 18 x 24cm GR1824
Green Regular 18 x 43cm GR1843
Green Regular 24 x 24cm GR2424
Green Regular 24 x 30cm GR2430
Green Regular 30 x 35cm GR3035
Green Regular 30 x 40cm GR3040
Green Regular 35 x 35cm GR3535
Green Regular 35 x 43cm GR3543
Blue Detail 13 x 18cm BD1318
Blue Detail 18 x 24cm BD1824
Blue Detail 18 x 43cm BD1843
Blue Detail 24 x 24cm BD2424
Blue Detail 24 x 30cm BD2430
Blue Detail 30 x 35cm BD3035
Blue Detail 30 x 40cm BD3040
Blue Detail 35 x 35cm BD3535
Blue Detail 35 x 43cm BD3543
Blue Fast Detail 8 x 10in. BFD810
Blue Fast Detail 10 x 12in. BFD1012
Blue Fast Detail 11 x 14in. BFD1114
Blue Fast Detail 14 x 14in. BFD1414
Blue Fast Detail 14 x 17in. BFD1417
Blue Fast Detail 14 x 36in. BFD1436
Blue Fast Detail 13 x 18cm BFD1318
Blue Fast Detail 18 x 24cm BFD1824
Blue Fast Detail 18 x 43cm BFD1843
Blue Fast Detail 24 x 24cm BFD2424
Blue Fast Detail 24 x 30cm BFD2430
Blue Fast Detail 30 x 35cm BFD3035
Blue Fast Detail 30 x 40cm BFD3040
Blue Fast Detail 35 x 35cm BFD3535
Blue Fast Detail 35 x 43cm BFD3543
Blue Blue III 8 x 10in. B3810
Blue Blue III 10 x 12in. B31012
Blue Blue III 11 x 14in. B31114
Blue Blue III 14 x 14in. B31414
Blue Blue III 14 x 17in. B31417
Blue Blue III 14 x 36in. B31436
Blue Blue III 14 x 51in. B31451
Blue Blue III 13 x 18cm B31318
Blue Blue III 18 x 24cm B31824
Blue Blue III 18 x 43cm B31843
Blue Blue III 24 x 24cm B32424
Blue Blue III 24 x 30cm B32430
Blue Blue III 30 x 35cm B33035
Blue Blue III 30 x 40cm B33040
Blue Blue III 35 x 35cm B33535
Blue Blue III 35 x 43cm B33543
Blue Hi-Plus 10 x 12in. BHP1012
Blue Hi-Plus 8 x 10in. BHP810
Blue Hi-Plus 14 x 17in. BHP1417
Blue Lightening Plus 8 x 10in. BLP810
Blue Lightening Plus 10 x 12in. BLP1012
Blue Lightening Plus 14 x 17in. BLP1417

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