Quality Control

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Processor Chemicals
Quality Control
Floor Saver Drip Pan
Film Duplicators
Film Bins
Film Cassettes
AMS Cassette Passboxes
AMS Cassette Holders
Warning Signs
Signs (Illuminated)
Film Identification
Thermometer (Glass)
Darkroom Louvers

Quality Control / Test Products for ALL Departments



bulletMRI/CT Dose Probes.
bulletMRI/CT Mirror Optical System to releive CLAUSTROPHOBIA!
bulletMRI/CT Phantoms
bulletMRI/CT Pillows
bulletMammography Biopsy Transport
bulletMammography Compression Test
bulletMammography Film ID Markers
bulletMammography Phantoms
bulletMammography Robes & Capes
bulletMammography Test Tools
bulletNuclear Medicine Gamma Test Patterns
bulletNuclear Medicine Phantoms
bulletRadiation Test - Air Samplers
bulletRadiation Test - Dosimeters
bulletRadiation Test - Radiation Warning Alarms
bulletRadiation Test - Radon Monitor
bulletRadiation Test - Remote Handling Tools
bulletRadiation Test - Survey Meter
bulletUltrasound Acoustic Standoffs
bulletUltrasound Cardiac Echo Stress System
bulletUltrasound Conductivity Gel's and Warmers
bulletUltrasound Phantoms
bulletUltrasound Test Objects
bulletUltrasound Training Systems
bulletX-Ray Attenuators/Filters
bulletX-Ray Beam Alignment
bulletX-Ray Focal Spot Measurement (Star Patterns & Slit Cameras)
bulletX-Ray Test Meters
bulletX-Ray Tomo Test Phantoms
bulletX-Ray Patterns
bulletX-Ray/Diagnostic Imaging Phantoms
bulletX-Ray Rulers
bulletX-Ray Step Wedges
bulletX-Ray Test Cassettes
bulletX-Ray Test Tools & Meters
bulletLaser Alignment Products

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