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Our partnerships with industry leaders help us provide you with the highest possible level of support. Our vendors also help us to keep up to date with the latest technologies and systems. We know the sometimes-unapparent distinctions between types and makes of equipment, and their strengths and drawbacks. So if you are considering purchasing new equipment, we'll provide you an unbiased and reliable opinion.

Supplier Links
AGFA Cassettes, Processors, CR
All-Craft Wellman Lead markers
Bar-Ray Radiation Protection, Apron Racks, Shelving, Film Bins, Cassette/Film Carts, Pass Boxes
Biodex Medical C-Arm Tables, Nuclear Medicine, Flood Sources and Phantoms, Thyroid Uptake System, Ultrasound Tables, Echo Cardiology Tables, Brachytherapy Tables, Urology Tables
Blickman MRI Accessories, Exam Tables, Chairs, Physician & Assistant Chairs
Brewer Company Exam Tables, Chairs, Physician & Assistant Chairs
Broadwest Corporation Mammography Illuminators , Motorized Viewers
BT Medical Company, Inc. Exam Products, Radiation Protection
Codonics Printers & Print Media
Contour Fabricators Positioning Aids, Table Pads
Enthermics Contrast Warming Cabinets, Blanket Warming Cabinets
ErgoSafe Patient Moving & Patient Support/Assist Products
Ergotron For over twenty years, Ergotron has designed workstations based on published ergonomic standards and scientific anthropometric data. With over 35 patents—including those for the first flat panel arms—Ergotron leads the industry in making workstations more comfortable for computer users everywhere.
Fluke Barriers & Shields, Nuclear Medicine, Quality Assurance, Radiation Therapy
Fuji Medical Systems, U.S.A., Inc. CR, Lasers, Dry Printers, Cassettes, Chemistry, Film Handling, Medical X-Ray Film, Processors, RIS, Screens
Gammex Quality Assurance Products and Services for Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Oncology.
Gendron, Inc. Stretchers, Wheelchairs
Global Dosimetry

Film Badges
Thermoluminescent (TLD) Badges
CR39 Neutron
Ring Extremity
Wallet / Emergency
High Dose

Electronic Dosimeters

Infab Lead aprons, lead barriers, lead glasses, lead curtains and apron racks.
Carestream (Formerly Kodak) CR (Computed Radiology),Cassettes, Chemistry, ID Cameras, Medical X-Ray Film, Print Media, Processors, RIS, Safelights, Screens
Maxant Radiation Protection, MediPort, Illuminators
Medrad (Bayer) CT Injectors & Accessories, Injectors, Syringes
Mindways Software, Inc. Bone Densitometry Software
(MXE) Medical X-Ray Enterprises, Inc. Grids , Mammography Biopsy Chair, Ergo Chair for Ultrasound, Ultrasound Table
Mirion Radiation detection equipment to protect people, search for and measure radiation, prevent contamination and identify source.

Includes: Instadose, film radiation monitoring badges, TLD and CR39 Neutron.

Parker Laboratories, Inc. Ultrasound Gels and Lotions
Plastics Unlimited PediaGraph Child Immobilizer
Reina Imaging Cassettes, Grids, ID Camera, Screens
RSD Phantoms
S&S Technology Mammography Illuminators, Motorized Illuminators
Sony Medical Electronics Company Data Recording, Print Media, Printers
Sunlight Bone Density
Techno-Aide Markers & Lead Letters



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