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New Products
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New Products  

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Dynamic Anatomical Respiring Humanoid Phantom

















MediPort  - Space-Saving Digital Viewing Work Stations










DynaWell L-Spine - Simulate upright position in CT and MRI by using the DynaWell   L-Spine compression device.






Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table
Designed for the patient and the sonographer


New Products







Sound Pro Combination Table
Dual-purpose table accommodates ultrasound and echocardiography procedures.












Echo Pro Echocardiography Table
Efficient positioning reduces sonographer injuries.










Econo Echocardiography Table
Efficient positioning reduces sonographer injuries.


New Products








The Scrotal Immobilizer - Used for diagnostic ultrasound of the testes, its lightweight, one-piece design is flexible enough to bend over patient's legs, while providing a stable base between the legs for scanning the testes upon.  Disposable - sold as a case of 10.  Patent Pending.



SimpliCT Interventional Guidance System




cc220.jpg (13919 bytes)




Cath Cabinet CC200







ORPACScart.gif (12924 bytes)










Microscope Drapes - Custom line of Microscope Drapes designed for Zeiss, Moeller and Leica Microscopes






Camera Drapes - Custom line of camera drapes used to keep cameras sterile during surgical procedures







Leg Grafting Wedge - Designed to elevate the patient's legs while harvesting the Saphaneous vein during heart bypass surgery




Femoral Weights - Used to maintain pressure on the patient following vascular/catherization studies




Cardiac Wedge - Designed to elevate the patient's heart in Cath labs, EPS labs and special procedures





2800 Urology Table Pad - Engineered specifically for use with the GE/OEC UroView 2800



 The Shield - This system incorporates a coated foam table pad and reinforced PVC side flaps. The patient rests comfortably on the table pad while the flaps shield the gaps in the table from fluid contamination





Open MRI Arm Boards - Allows patients to receive intravenous injections in Open MRI.






Siemens Urology Drain Bag - Urology Drain Bag designed specifically for the Siemens UROSKOP Access.




Coronal Head Holder - Allows patients to rest comfortably in the prone position during CT procedures






Orthocare Products - Additions to our Orthocare line of rehabilitation devices





Rhodes Closed MRI Device - Allows patients to be comfortably tested in the flexion and extension positions during Closed MRI procedures





E.I.B.O.S. Protective Drape - Engineered to keep Moeller E.I.B.O.S. attachment sterile during surgical procedures





Secure Slide System TM - Allows security straps to slide freely along the length of the imaging table providing infinite adjustability







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