Modular Vault Systems

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Modular Vault Systems

 Modular Vault Systems


NELCO’s Modular Vault System is an ideal solution for facilities requiring a permanent or temporary shielded vault, or on leased properties where terms require the space to be returned in original condition. It is also a solution for facilities where time constraints do not allow for normal construction. Because of it's modular construction, this vault can easily be assembled wherever it is needed and disassembled for removal. The vault meets all structural, seismic, and shielding regulatory requirements.

The normal system consists of wall and ceiling pre-cast units, supplemental shielding if required, a swing or slide door unit, and assembly by trained NELCO personnel. Optional products and services include full architectural and M.E.P., structural, physics, site work, foundation, interior finish, and mechanical and electrical systems.


Product Modular Vault System
Usage Low & High Energy Linear Accelerator Vaults, Proton Therapy, I.M.R.T., Gamma Knife, Cyber-Knife, Cobalt, industrial applications, custom radiation
Dimensions Customized based on site requirements
Construction Precast standard and high-density concrete units
Supplemental Shielding Interlocking H.D. concrete blocks, N-Series Nelco interlocking lead brick, steel plate, borated polyeethylene, pure polyethylene
Door System Automatic swinging or sliding doors
Interior Finish NELCO or others
Design Criteria Optimal shielding design achieved with utilization of lowest-cost shielding material, or combination of materials maximizing available space allocation

Versatile can be relocated or removed
Time savings can be finished in less time than standard construction
Compliant effective for neutron and Gamma radiation shielding
Design flexibility can be erected within an existing facility, or added as a free-standing bunker
Structural integrity meets all seismic and structural requirements
Competitively priced comparable to total costs associated with traditional cast-in-place concrete structures
Fiscal advantages may be classified as capital equipment and eligible for accelerated depreciation program yielding after-tax savings



Technical Features (PDF)


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