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Interlocking and Square-edged Lead Block


NELCO’s N-Series interlocking lead brick system is ideal for adding additional shielding to existing therapy vaults or treatment rooms. Additionally, the lead brick system can be utilized in a freestanding lead room for shielding a full range of modalities. Its modularity allows easy installation even in difficult spaces, especially ceilings. Lead brick can also be used in new construction as a method to reduce wall or ceiling thickness to achieve space savings.

Bricks are available in 1", 1.5", and 2" thicknesses with standard 4” x 12” height and length. Each brick features a tongue and groove design that maximizes shielding integrity. All lead brick is manufactured by Nelco and inventoried at our facilities convenient to key U. S. water ports to help reduce shipping costs. Bricks are manufactured under the strictest NELCO quality control and regulatory compliance guidelines.


Product Interlocking Lead Brick
Usage Low & High Energy Linear Accelerator Vaults, Proton Therapy, I.M.R.T., H.D.R., Gamma Knife, Cyber-Knife, Cobalt, Nuclear Medicine, Custom Radiation
Dimensions 4" Tall; 12” Long; Thicknesses in 1",1.5", 2"
Construction Solid cast lead, tongue and groove edges
Weight 20/30/40 lbs.
Design criteria Optimal shielding design achieved with utilization of lowest-cost shielding material, or combination of materials maximizing available space allocation

Space savings utilizes the least amount of space in a shielding design
Interlocking tongue and groove design for the most effective shielding solution
Modular easily installed and uninstalled for relocation
Fiscal may be classified as capital equipment and eligible for accelerated depreciation program yielding after-tax savings

Technical Specifications - Brick Shielding (PDF)


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