HDR Treatment Enclosure

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HDR Treatment Enclosure


NELCO is the world’s exclusive manufacturer of H.D.R. enclosures. Three different models are offered, depending on project needs, site evaluation, and funding. NELCO’s self-contained H.D.R. enclosures are a cost-effective alternative to a shielding room upgrade or eliminating a dual modality room. Designed, manufactured, and installed to the strictest quality and regulatory standards, these units have achieved an outstanding performance record since 1995.

Outpatient Model — Designed to be installed in the oncology department of a hospital or in a free-standing clinic, this unit is typically installed on the ground floor where structural considerations are not an issue. With a 75-square foot footprint and steel-lead-steel construction, this clinical model is an excellent choice for facilities seeking a lower entry cost into the H.D.R. market, or the elimination of single-room schedule conflicts with two modalities.

Intra-Operative Model — This unit is based on the Outpatient Model, with added features necessary for an operating room environment. Major differences include an upgraded color camera and monitoring system, lead floor, operating room quality wall, ceiling and floor coverings, lighting meeting sterilization requirements, and an anesthesia utility access port. Since operating rooms are always on floors above grade, additional floor shielding and a reinforced structural support system will be required.

Double Door Model — This unit is designed especially for higher volume H.D.R programs. It features a larger footprint, increased lead, and two sets of double swinging doors. This configuration will easily handle over-sized gurneys coming directly from operating rooms.


Product HDR Enclosure
Usage Oncology Departments, Operating Room, Free-Standing Cancer Centers
Footprint 75 square feet (Outpatient model)
Construction Steel-lead-steel panels
Ports Physics, utilities
Finish Gypsum board and painted interior
Weight Outpatient 50,000 lbs.; Intra-Op 61,000 lbs.
Door Clearance 80 inches

Minimal space requirements fit most standard exam rooms and most hospital operating rooms
Relocatable bolt-together system easily moved within a facility or to another location
Capital equipment qualificatio may be classified as equipment and eligible for accelerated depreciation program yielding after tax savings
Shared room conflicts eliminat frees fully-shielded room to accommodate single modality treatments, reduces extended off hour treatments and room revenue loss.
Minimal non-disruptive install installed in three weeks with virtually no disruption
Enhanced patient comfort built-in CD/stereo system, independent airflow, custom designed lighted artwork, dimmer light switches, patient call button
Substantial cost advantages more cost-effective than shielding a dedicated room



Technical Specifications (PDF)
Technical Features (PDF)


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