Minways QCT Pro

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Minways QCT Pro
Sunlight Bone Density


Do you have a need for a bone densitometer, a CT scanner you can use for 1-30 minutes a day, a desire for the best technology and, at the same time, the most cost-effective system? If your answer is yes, then QCT PRO is for you.


QCT PRO, in conjunction with your CT scanner, is a complete system for hip and spine bone densitometry that gives you the best of both worlds. QCT PRO provides DXA equivalent hip studies for use in diagnosis of osteoporosis and low bone mass, and fracture risk assessment; and, QCT trabecular spine measurements for sensitive treatment monitoring and early detection of low bone mass.


In today’s cost conscience health care environment and ever decreasing reimbursements, cost must be considered. DXA simply cannot compare with QCT PRO. With a low purchase price, no site, personnel, or significant on-going costs, the cost to acquire and use QCT PRO is a small fraction of DXA, making QCT PRO the sensible financial investment in addition to the performance choice.


QCT PRO is a system for quantitative CT consisting of software, calibration phantoms, and accessories. The software is modular consisting of an application framework, application modules, and scanner translators, and is QCT PRO software is Windows® compatible. A functional system is assembled from some combination of these components to fit your clinical requirements, CT scanner, and budget.


QCT PRO Key Advantages
  • DXA Equivalent Hip BMD

    Exclusively from Mindways. Analogous measurements to DXA; reports instantly recognizable to clinicians with previous DXA experience; measurements interpreted in the same manner.

  • Trabecular Spine BMD

    The well-established early response of trabecular bone to bone loss/gain coupled with precise 3D QCT trabecular-spine BMD measurements yields the highest sensitivity to change in bone status.

  • Fast

    Scan time typically less than one minute, analysis 2-3 minutes.

  • Easy

    Highly automated analysis does not require dedicated personnel.

  • Cost Effective

    System acquisition, installation, and operational costs are a small fraction of DXA--utilizes equipment and personnel you already have. Highly automated analysis does not require dedicated personnel.

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