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Medicanvas CCFL lighted radiology viewboxes!

The first truly NEW viewbox in the last 30 years!!

These new Medicanvas viewboxes utilize CCFL or COLD CATHODE FLUORESCENT LAMPS! They are a small type of fluorescent lamp used for backlighting TFT-LCD displays, which provides excellent illumination of about 2,000 to 2,200 cd/m2 at low power levels, while producing only a very moderate amount of heat. The lamps last for about 20,000 hours (about 10 years of normal usage) as compared to 3,000 hours for normal fluorescent lamps. CCFL provides the most efficient luminance in backlighting technology due to it's 8,600-kelvin color temperature. Normal fluorescent lamps typically run around 5,000-kelvin. This makes for more of a "bluish" cast light that makes reading black & white radiology films much easier to the eye.

This product and parts are no longer available.  If you are looking for illuminators please go to our main illuminator page for additional options.

The BEST uniformity of light in any viewbox!

CCFL lamps were designed for backlighting of TFT LCD displays used in laptop and desktop LCD computer displays. In those applications, uniformity is a MUST! Used in viewboxes, these units produce the most even and uniform light output ever seen in a viewbox. Furthermore, the power supply in these units is a high-frequency switcher type. In a normal viewbox the lamps "flicker" at the powerline frequency, typically 60Hz (50Hz in some countries). This adds to the eyestrain. But the switcher supplied in these units, fires 40,000Hz - so fast the human eye can not perceive any flicker. This reduces eyestrain!




Very thin!

Because the CCFL lamps are so tiny, the Medicanvas viewers are only 1" (2.5cm) thick! Compare that to the 3" (8.255cm) of most conventional viewboxes. This small size makes these units Ideal for portable uses such as mobile vans and carry along (with handle) applications. And as you might guess, this makes these units the lightest viewboxes available. Finally, their small size makes it easy to "dress up" or hide in custom cabinets. This allows a Doctor's office to have a more professional interior design appeal.





Model Number





Dimensions: Frame
(Width x Height x Depth)

19.6" x 19.0" x 1.1"
498 x 482 x 28mm

33.6" x 19.0" x 1.1"
854 x 482 x 28mm

48.4" x 19.0" x 1.1"
1230 x 482 x 39mm

63.2" x 19.0" x 1.1"
1606 x 482 x 39mm

Viewing Area (WxH)






2,000-2,200 cd/m2

2,000-2,200 cd/m2

2,000-2,200 cd/m2

2,000-2,000 cd/m2

Lamp Source

CCFL(6 lamps)

CCFL(12 lamps)

CCFL(18 lamps)

CCFL(24 lamps)

Power Supply Input (AC)

AC100-250V 50/60Hz

AC100-250V 50/60Hz

AC100-250V 50/60Hz

AC100-250V 50/60Hz

Power Supply Output (DC)

DC 12V 5% 3.5A

DC 12V 5% 6.67A

DC 12V 5% 6.67A (2EA)

DC 12V 5% 6.67A (2EA)

Lamp Life-time

20,000 hours

20,000 hours

20,000 hours

20,000 hours

Power Consumption





Net weight

11.9lb / 5.4 kg

21.2lb / 9.6 kg

28.9lb / 13.1 kg

37.7lb / 17.1 kg




All Medicanvas viewboxes are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the sale date. This covers both parts and labor. It is the customers responsibility to ship the unit to the service depot for warranty service. Your unit will be returned to you freight pre-paid after the service is complete.

Product No. Description
77-101VB MediCanvas 1 Bank View Box
77-101VB-FAS Medicanvas 1 Bank View Box with FAS option
77-202VB MediCanvas 2 Bank View Box
77-202VB-FAS Medicanvas 2 Bank View Box with FAS option
77-303VB MediCanvas 3 Bank View Box
77-303VB-FAS Medicanvas 3 Bank View Box with FAS option
77-404VB MediCanvas 4 Bank View Box
77-404VB-FAS Medicanvas 4 Bank View Box with FAS option



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