DynaWell L-Spine Compression

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DynaWell L-Spine Compression

DynaWell L-Spine Compression Device for MRI & CT


Simulate upright position in CT and MRI by using the
® L-Spine compression device.



Product Information

DynaWell L-Spine presentation
DynaWell L-Spine leaflet
Instructions for use
Quick user's guide


Clinical Information

Clinical background
Clinical material - Radiology
Clinical material - Spine Surgery
L-Spine Examination step by step
How to read your images
Suggested Protocol


Clinical Documentation

Current Complete List of References
List of References - Radiology
List of References - Spinal Surgery


Reprints or copies available on request.


Patient Information

Patient Information leaflet
Clinical Consent Form



DynaWell Video Clip




Selected Documentation

Abstracts and posters

Axial Loading at MRI in Assessment of Cobb Angles in Idiopathic Scoliosis
Danielson B
Presentation at RSNA, 2004

Correlation between symptoms and findings during axial loaded MRI of the lumbar spine in patients with neurogenic claudication or sciatica
Johansson A, Danielson B, Willén J,
Presentation at RSNA, 2004

The Surgical Result in Occult Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Detected by Axial Loaded CT and MRI
Willén J, Danielson B
Presentation at RSNA, 2004

Axial loading during MR imaging can influence treatment decision for symptomatic spinal stenosis
Hiwatashi A, Danielson B, Moritani T, Westesson P-L, Bakos R, Rodenhause T, Pilcher
Abstract from article in AJNR 2004;25:170-174

Case report: Development of lumbar high intensity zone on axial loaded MRI
Saiffuddin A, MacSweeney E, Lehovsky J
Abstract from article in Spine, 2003;28:449-52

Lumbar Spine disc heights and curvature: upright vs supine compression harness
Lee S-U, HargensAR, Fredrickson M, Lang PK
Abstract from article in Aviat Space Environ Med. 2003 May; 74(5):512-6

Assessment of cobb angle in idiopatic scoliosis on axial loaded MRI
MacSweeney E, Saiffuddin A, Blease S, Noordeen MH, Taylor BA
Abstract from presentation at the BRC (Brittish Radiology Congress), 2003

Axially loaded MRI of the Lumbar Spine in asymptomatic individuals.
Barbro Danielson, Jan Willén.
Poster presented at Eurospine, 2001.

Axial loading of the Lumbar Spine
Tallroth K.
Poster presented at t he 54 tth Nordic Radiological Congress, 2000

Axial Loading of The Lumbar Spine in CT Scanning
Tallroth K, Lindgren K-A, Willén J
Poster presented at the Nordic Orthop. Federation, 2000



Axial loaded MRI of the Lumbar Spine
Saiffuddin A, Blease S, MacSweeney E
Clinical Radiology (2003), 58:661-671

Lumbar Spine length and curvature responses to an axial load using an MRI compatible compression harness
Kimura S, Steinbach G, Adusumalli M, Abitol J, Watenpaugh D, Hargens A, 2000
Article presented at the first Interdisciplinary World Congress on Spinal Surgery , Berlin , Germany , Aug 27 - Sept 1, 2000 :319-323


Reprints or copies available on request.

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