DryView 8150/CMI-1000

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DryView 8150/CMI-1000
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DirectView CR 500 Promotion

Kodak is pleased to announce the promotion extension of the specially priced, DryView 8150 and CMI-1000 bundle! This bundle is a great solution for facilities that need BOTH gray scale and color printing.

Catalog # Description Promotional
834-3485 Kodak DryView 8150/CMI-100 $26,600
815-1599 DryView 8150 Installation $1,500
152-3653 CMI-1000 Installation $1,000
131-2578 CMI-1000 Add-On* Installation $595

* Add-On Installation charges occur when a Kodak Service Engineer is already on site installing other Kodak equipment and is asked to install the CMI-1000.

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