Diagnostic Phantoms

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Diagnostic Phantoms
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Diagnostic Radiology Imaging Phantoms



Focal Spot Test Tool, Gammex 112B


ACR CT Accreditation Phantom, Gammex 464

Software for the 464 ACR CT Accreditation Phantom

Neonatal Chest Phantom, Gammex 610


Radiographic Survey Phantom, Gammex 170NJ


Radiographic Contrast/Detail Phantom, Gammex 1151


Edge Tool and Software, Gammex 617


Head/Body CT Phantom, Gammex 461A


Digital kV, Dose and Time Meter, Gammex 330


Pen Dosimeter, Gammex DR1897


Light Field Ruler, Gammex 622


Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Kit, Gammex 184D


Processor QC Kit. Gammex 185D


Universal Test Stand, Gammex 175


Precision Test Patterns, Gammex MA0436, Gammex MA0437, Gammex MA0438, Gammex MA0439, Gammex MA0647


Half Value Layer Attenuator Set, Gammex 115A


Half Value Layer Attenuator Set, Gammex 115H


Pure Copper Half Value Layer Attenuator Set, Gammex 116


Collimator and Beam Alignment Test Tools, Gammex 161B and Gammex 162A


Lung CT Reference Phantom, Gammex 621


Radiographic Aluminum Stepwedge, Gammex 117


Grid Alignment Test Tool, Gammex 144


High Contrast Resolution Test Tools, Gammex 141 and 141H


Fluoroscopic Dose Rate and Low Contrast Resolution Test Tool Kit, Gammex 151


Digital Thermometer, Gammex TM-99A


Star Test Patterns, Gammex MA0021, MA0431, MA0054


Tomographic Test Tool, Gammex 132


Film/Screen Contact Test Tools, Gammex 142D and Gammex 143D


Fixer Retention Test Kit, Gammex 166B


Portable Densitometer, Gammex MA5336


Portable Blue/Green Sensitometer, Gammex MA5034


Dual Energy Characterization CT Phantom, Gammex 472


CT Perfusion Phantom, Gammex 432


CT Phantom Extension, Gammex 464-Ring


ACR CT Accreditation Extension Plates


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