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Xplorerô 1500

Xplorerô 1500 GalleryClick on the image for larger resolution










  The Xplorerô 1500 is ideal for all routine chest and upright examinations.  This model, with its patented technology and economical vertical stand,  is ideal for hospitals, clinics and imaging centers requiring affordable DR with exceptional image quality.

With an image acquisition matrix of 4,128 x 4,128 pixel elements, 14-bit digitization and spatial resolution of 4.6 line pairs per millimeter; the Xplorer 1500 offers the best price-to-performance ratio in the industry.   It uses IDCís patented and proven very high density Charge Coupled Device (VHD-CCD) digital sensor technology.

The Xplorer 1500 can be:

bulletPositioned for standing views with the single push of a button
bulletUser -friendly controls are easy to use enabling simple patient positioning 
bulletAllows patients to be imaged from head-to-toe

The Xplorer 1500 with its full range vertical stand is the industry's most cost-effective DR solution.  It's an affordable and reliable cassetteless system that produces high-resolution diagnostic images in seconds, dramatically improving patient throughput and departmental efficiency.


  pdf Xplorer 1500 Specs

You will need Adobe Reader to open this file.  It is available as a free download from the Adobe website by clicking here.



Xplorerô 1600
Xplorer 1600
Xplorerô 1600 Gallery

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 Xplorer 1600 - Top View

Xplorer 1600 ~ U-Arm

Xplorer 1600 - Low











The new IDC Xplorer 1600 is a complete DR solution with a floor mounted,  multi axis positioning device, attached x-ray tube, collimator and x-ray generator.  

 This new, full solution Digital Radiography system is priced competitvely with CR and is the most cost effective DR available. 

It's ideal for all general radiography situations.  Like all IDC DR products, the 1600 offers the highest image quality and lowest system cost.

bullet4.6 lp/mm the highest quality DR X-ray
bulletProven CCD technology as in the Hubble Telescope
bullet16 million pixels digitized at 14 bits per pixel
bullet70% DQE and pixel optimized dose (POD) for lower dose
bulletImages in 6 seconds
bullet5 year extended warranty, 3 year standard



  pdf  Xplorer 1600 Spec Sheet

You will need Adobe Reader to open this file.  It is available as a free download from the Adobe website by
clicking here.


Xplorerô 1800
Xplorer 1800
Xplorerô 1800 Gallery

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 Xplorer 1800 Touch Screen


Xplorer 1800 - Detector head







  The Xplorerô 1800 features an integrated Universal Stand with automated detector positioning.   At a touch of a button, the Xplorer 1800 automatically positions itself for a specified examination.

By selecting a procedure at the touch screen control panels on the tower -- the detector is activated and positioned. This automation saves time and increases patient throughput and imaging efficiency.

The Xplorer 1800 combines IDCís exceptional image resolution, reliability and affordability.   As with all IDC systems, the Xplorer 1800 delivers the industryís highest level of image resolution with use of IDCís patented and proven very high density Charge Coupled Device (VHD-CCD) digital sensor technology.

Most existing X-ray rooms can incorporate the Xplorer 1800 as an Ďupgradeí, eliminating the expense of replacing the existing tube or generator; providing an affordable transition to DR.

The Xplorer 1800 is ideal for placement in heavily scheduled imaging suites where every minute saved by increased efficiency is important to the imaging departmentís operation.


  pdf Xplorer 1800 Spec Sheet
You will need Adobe Reader to open this file.  It is available as a free download from the Adobe website by clicking here.




An Overview of IDC Xplorer Technology

An independent report of IDC technology by Dr.  J.  Anthony Siebert, Professor of Radiology at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento concluded:    "The current IDC Detector is a very robust system and can compete equally or exceed other digital detector performance levels (including CR and flat panel DR)."  ( Scroll to the bottom of this page for Siebert's report and more information).

IDC's  patented DR system uses one very high density Charge Coupled Device or VHD CCD.  It's the "film" in the digital system and it's proven, reliable technology ( NASA uses a similar system in the Hubble Telescope to capture images from the farthest reaches of space) .  

IDC's single CCD detector has more than 16 million pixels digitized at 14 bits per pixel, creating an excellent dynamic range of 16,384 shades of gray.   At 70% DQE, IDC's Detective Quantum Efficiency captures a superior image with a lower dose.   100% fill factor in each pixel means there is maximum efficiency and lower radiation needed to capture the image. 

A feature unique to IDC is the Pixel Optimized Dose or POD which allows the dose to be adjusted from High Efficiency (HE) or to High Resolution (HR) for optimized image acquisition.  The dose can be reduced by 50% in HE mode.  Furthermore, spatial resolution of 4.6 lp/mm provides superior image quality and one of  the highest resolution x-ray images available on the market.  

Computed Radiography (CR) or Digital Radiography (DR)
Industry reports pose the decision as choosing between CR Ďthe economical systemí or DR Ďa fast system that could triple throughput.í   With IDCís patented Xplorerô technology there is no choice:  IDC offers the best DR on the market for about the same price as CR.

The efficiencies of DR are well documented. It is a truly digital system with no cassettes and therefore none of the time consuming steps needed to process cassettes.   Images are ready for viewing in seconds instead of minutes and DR produces excellent spatial resolution and higher quality images. 

The recommended list price for IDC DR compares favorably to CR and is lower than Flat Panel and other CCD DR systems. 

DR Technologies:  CCD or Flat Panel

There are two main technologies available in Digital Radiography:  Charge Coupled Device (CCD) based detectors and Flat Panel (either direct or indirect capture) detectors.

The IDC Xplorer use a very high density CCD (VHD CCD), a lens and a scintillator.  Light from the scintillator is deflected by a mirror into the lens.  The lens focuses light onto the 16 million pixels of the CCD.  A crucial difference between this and Flat Panel technology is IDCís VHD CCD based detector does not have any electronics in the radiation field.
Flat Panel systems - either direct or indirect - use a thin film transistor (TFT), layers that capture the x-ray generated electrons.  Unlike CCD technology, the electronics in Flat Panel systems are in the direct radiation beam which is damaging and can cause the electronics to fail.  To protect the electronics and reduce the risk of failure, Flat Panel manufacturers ďhardenĒ them, a process which reduces the efficiency. 

Additionally, these complex electronic devices have layers of components that are surrounded by protective casings.  In order to produce these Flat Panel systems, arrays of smaller devices are tiled together which prevents an entirely seamless image.

Another important difference between CCD and Flat Panel technology pertains to fill factor.  IDC has 100% fill factor which means 100% of the pixel area is used.  Flat Panel systems have far lower fill factors because they have electronics running through each pixel reducing the x-ray capture surface area. The higher the fill factor, the higher the resolution of the image and the lower the dose needed.   IDCís 100% fill factor provides maximum efficiency with lower radiation.

The difference between CCD DR Technologies 

A number of DR manufacturers use CCD based technology, developing very complex systems with multiple components instead of a single CCD.  Because IDC's single CCD system is much simpler, it avoids some repair and damage problems.  

IDC uses only one large CCD, so there is no need to align or compensate for multiple cameras focusing on different quadrants.  One CCD means there is no pixel overlap and no need for special processing of the overlap areas.

IDC also has a superior cooling system.   Instead of using water, which requires hoses, pumps and cooling which can leak, run or drip in the detector, IDC uses a fluid free chip based cooling system.

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