Pediatric Positioning Aids

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Patient Positioning Aids
Pediatric Positioning Aids
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Pediatric Positioning Aids

JZ Imaging & Consulting offers a complete line of positioning aids designed with the special physical requirements of young patients in mind.



The Hugger

Provides a warm, secure environment for infants and children during imaging procedures

CFI-425 - Designed for infants up to 3 months old.

CFI-426 - Designed for children 4 months to 3 years old.




CT Hugger

CFI-200 - Immobilization concept of The Hugger adapted specifically for CT




Child AP-PA Head Holder

CFI-127 - Holds child's head during imaging procedures





Child Myelography Block

CFI-148 - Elevates the child's abdomen for proper contrast media flow




Pediatric Oblique Finger Block

CFI-301 - Provides separation of fingers for overhead lateral views of both hands or individual fingers



Pediatric Lateral Finger Block - Right & Left

CFI-302 - Allows for 45˚ oblique view of both hands for comparative or individual finger studies



AP-PA Head Immobilizer - Infant & Child

CFI-304 - Designed for infants up to 3 months old.

CFI-305 - Designed for children 4 months to 3 years old.



Pediatric General Compression Band

CFI-306 - Used to secure child's extremities or torso



Pediatric Sand Bag Kit

CFI-307 - Heat-sealed frost vinyl cover prevents contamination and resists staining



Pediatric AP-PA Hand/Foot Immobilizer

CFI-308 - Used to immobilize both right and left hands or feet for comparative studies




CFI-421 - Completely Immobilizes the child for lateral and AP Radiology



Pediatric Kit Includes:

(1) Pediatric Oblique Finger Block

(2) Pediatric Lateral Finger Block-R & L

(2) Head Ends

(1) AP-PA Head Immobilizer -Infant

(1) AP-PA Head Immobilizer -Child

(1) Pediatric General Compression Band

(1) Pediatric Sand Bag Kit

(1) Pediatric AP-PA Hand/Foot Immobilizer

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