Patient Positioning Aids

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Patient Positioning Aids
Pediatric Positioning Aids
Veterinary Positioning Aids
Table Pads
Patient Calipers
Arm Support
Valsbar Patient Support System
Leg Lift Positioning
2 - Step Platform
Positioning Platform C-Arm
CR Cassette Weight Bearing
Portable DR Panel Protection

Patient Positioning Aids



Torso & Body Positioners

CFI's Torso & Body Positioners including Bolsters, Wedges, Cylinders, Lumbar and Shoulder Supports




Extremity Positioners

CFI's Extremity Positioners include Finger Blocks, Leg Blocks, Leg Immobilizers and Leg Braces





Head & Neck Positioners

CFI's Head & Neck Positioners include Head Holders, Disks, Blocks and Head Immobilizers




Positioning Kits

CFI carries over 20 different Positioning Kits to outfit imaging rooms for general or procedural positioning

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