Extremity Positioners

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Extremity Positioners
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Extremity Positioners


Our line of Extremity Positioners includes positioning devices for both hands and feet.   



Oblique Finger Block - Provides oblique positioning of the hand

CFI-121 - Both right and left hand




Lateral Finger Block - Positions fingers and wrist in lateral plane, excellent for individual finger studies

CFI-428 - Right Hand

CFI-429 - Left Hand



Cross-Table Lateral Leg Block- Used for comparative studies of the legs





Knee Arthrography Block - Facilitates immobilization and effective knee flexion during arthrography

CFI-209 - 8" x 12" x 10"




Leg Immobilizer - Positions and immobilizes lower extremities during venogram or arteriogram exams




Leg Brace - Keeps leg properly positioned

CFI-427 - 7" x 10" x 20"

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