Floor Saver Drip Pan

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Floor Saver Drip Pan

The Floor Saver Drip Pan allows the processor to sit on a level surface while providing a sloped center to guide the flow of chemicals toward the safety outlet located in the back of the pan. The pan prevents damage caused by leaking chemicals.

The pan is constructed of durable, chemical resistant materials. Its simple design gives problem free installation and maintenance.


Kodak RP
X-Omat Model #
Drip Pan # Dimensions in inches (H x W x L)
M7 no stand 9870 1 x 32 x 24
M5 9870 1 x 32 x 24
M6-N 9870 1 x 32 x 24
M6A-N 9870 1 x 32 x 24
M7 with stand 9871 1 x 29x 19
M8 9872 1 x 33 x 24
M35 with stand 9873 2 x 27 x 25
M35 no stand 9874 2 x 30 x 26
RA3000 9875 2 x 32 x 25
RA5000 9876 2 x 31 x 28
Custom 9879 Custom

Custom Size Pans Available

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