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The dynamics of practicing medicine for today's radiologist have changed dramatically. On one hand, the cost of the diagnosis must be within narrow parameters to reflect the economic realities of today's patient care environment. On the other, there is intensified focus on finding even the most remote clue of an existing or potential trauma, making it possible to improve outcomes.

American Medical Sales provides a family of Planllux motorized film viewers which are targeted to these realities. They are each designed to provide a cluster of features which best fit individual practice requirements within different budget frameworks. Moreover, all of these motorized viewers share certain important characteristics which are critical to any radiology department and improved patient care. They are built to the highest quality standards which result in exceptional reliability and durability over time. They can withstand the demands of even the busiest imaging department. As a result, your investment in quality pays rich dividends over many years.

Three distinct types of motorized viewers are offered by American Medical Sales. The Rotoloux series are high-capacity viewers for high volume radiology departments. The Mammolux viewers were specifically designed for mammography within the strict ACR and MQSA guidelines. The Selectolux viewer Is a time-proven unit for those who prefer a "frame lifting" system.

Mammolux motorized viewers exceed all guidelines recommended by the American College of Radiology (ACR), a critical element in accurately diagnosing mammography films.

These guidelines include minimum luminescence of 3,500 cd/M-squared, the ability to match lighting to the density of a film, the ability to mask out extraneous light, provision of homogeneous lighting intensity and the capability of operating effectively with minimized reading room lighting.


15 Programmable presets

Mammolux viewers offer all standard motorized viewer features plus...
• Accommodate 18x24cm, 24x30cm and   14"xl7" films.
• The Mammolux 1360 is equipped with special half frame advance which is particularly valuable for reviewing multiple examinations of the same patient.
• Factory established and user programmable masking presets.
• High levels of luminescence, up to 7,700 cd/M-squared.
• Variable light controls.
• Automatic collimating of shutters to match different film formats.

• Unique "Joystick" control to move selected shutter opening to any location in the viewing area.
• l0xl0cm bright spot opening which can be moved to any position on the viewing surface  with the Joystick control.
• Easy-loading clear film grip system.
• Single belt design to assure that a patient's films always move together.
• Standard anti-static equipment to prevent unsafe    electrostatic build up and protect transport belts.
• Gentle 6' angled viewing surface that eliminates    distracting glare created by reading against a flat surface.
• Automatic dropped film retrieval.
• Random frame selection.
• Automatic frame specific masking.
• Drop down shelf.


Accommodates up to four studies (I 8x24cm)
15 Programmable presets

Mammolux's shutters  automatically adjusted  for 14"x 1 7"films

Automatic full film masking for 18x24cm and 24x30 films

Joystick controlled. 
10x10cm "bright light" opening can roam to any position on the viewing surface

You can see the difference...

These photos dramatically demonstrate how variable light control and masking of extraneous light increase the ability to visualize pathologies. ............. 

Left Without masking and at mid-range lighting.

Right With masking and having adjusted lighting to match film density. Notice the increased level of detail easily seen in the film.


Mammolux Specifications


Our NEW 'machine-top' Film Filing System gives you immediate access to original studies,
reference films, documents and film envelops. Each slot is numbered, referencing the belt 
frame number, making related information easy to find. Each model also has an 'electronic'
option which, when activated, provides a lighted LED which automatically corresponds to the
current frame number being viewed. Available for both Mammolux 680 and 1360.



MAMMOLUX 680 with Electronics MVR-FFS-680-EL
MAMMOLUX 1360 with Electronics MVR-FFS-1360-EL


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