AMS Cassette Holders

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AMS Cassette Holders

A. Deluxe Mobile Cassette Holder This unit accepts cassettes from 5" x 7" through 14" x 51". Cassettes can be positioned in the Lower Cassette Assembly separately or with a grid, grid cassette or grid protector. Our unique design automatically adjusts to the various thicknesses of these combinations.

As an added feature, the lower cassette assembly can swivel up to 45 degrees to the left or right. Additionally, the complete assembly will rotate 360 degrees around the support pole for weight bearing studies, lower extremity examinations and cross-table work. All height and swivel adjustments are made by using a large, easy motion lever. Oversized locking wheels make transporting and positioning easy and precise. A low center of gravity gives added stability.
ASW= 50 Ibs (22.5 kgs)

B. Cross Table Cassette Holder This Cross Table Cassette Holder features our adjustable cassette assembly that will accommodate any cassette and grid combination, grid cassette or grid protector from 7" to 17" wide. 
ASW= 5 lbs (2.3 kgs

C. Wall Cassette Holder Our vertical cassette holder will accommodate cassette sizes from 5" x 7" through 14" x 51 making it ideal for weight-bearing and scoliosis studies, as well as regular radiographic applications. The jaws of the cassette holder allow the use of any combination of grid and cassette, grid cassette or grid protector. The lower cassette assembly can swivel up to 45 degrees to the left or right. Additionally, the complete assembly will rotate on the support pole, giving you extra positioning flexibility. This unit also features a removable upper cassette arm which adds greater stability to the larger 14" x 36" and 14" x 51" cassettes. This arm quickly snaps on or off without any special tools. 
ASW= 40 lbs (18.2 kgs)

D. Cassette Transfer Cart Why use a big, clumsy, general purpose cart when you can choose this highly maneuverable model designed specifically for cassettes? Our cart has two compartments that slope towards the rear, placing the weight of the cassette over the back wheels and making the cart easy to steer. Holds up to 14 cassettes. 
ASW= 20 Ibs (9.1 kgs)

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