Positioning Platform C-Arm

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2-Step Positioning Platform C-Arm DR Systems

Ensure high quality images from C-Arm Systems

The design of the 2-Step Platform for C-arm Radiography permits patients to be positioned over a variety of C-arm digital radiography systems, including those made by Swissray, IMIX, IDC and others.

The platform places the patient in the optimal position for easy capture of the highest quality weight-bearing lateral and AP foot images.



Designed for patients weighing up to 500 lbs


Keeps patientís foot as close to the image plate as possible to ensure high quality images


Easily portable with lockable casters


Easy to keep clean, the platform is made from germ-resistant, non-porous polyethylene and steel


Item# 24701



Top platform:

Height: 18 in.
Width: 28 in.
Length: 32 in.

Handle height: 53 in.



Download Brochure for C-Arm 2 Step Positioning Platform


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