Radiation Therapy Brassiere

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Radiation Therapy Treatment Brassiere

bulletReshapes the ipsilateral breast more favorably for radiation treatments
bulletEliminates inframammary folds
bulletReduces dose to the lungs, heart and ribs
bulletBoth shape and position are accurately repeatable, treatment after treatment
bulletMore uniform dose
bulletSimplifies the application of IMRT to breast treatments
bulletReshapes the contralateral breast to move it away from the beams
bulletFull Brassiere Library of 40 cups in portable “caddy” for convenient, organized fitting of nearly all patients

Data on increased skin dose due to the ipsilateral cup were submitted to the FDA. These data provided a comparison of skin dose increased by the Treatment Brassiere with the increase found for various thermoplastic positioning devices on the market. The skin dose due to the cup material (0.50 mm thick for small cups to about 0.63 mm thick for very large cups) was found to be substantially less than for other positioning devices. The FDA has issued a 510 (k) Marketing Clearance for the Treatment Brassiere.

Cups are divided into four groups corresponding to small thoraxes (chest breadths from 27 to 32 cm), medium thoraxes (32 to 36 cm), large thoraxes (36 to 42 cm), and extra large thoraxes (over 42 cm).

Cup selection begins by measuring a patient’s chest breadth when supine and wearing her clothing brassiere. This indicates the group containing the right cup for her. The cups of the group (five each for left or right) are removed from the Treatment Brassiere Caddy and the cup making the best fit is selected. (Clothing Brassiere sizes cannot be used for cup selection because of poor correlation between clothing brassiere sizes and breast volumes.)


We also offer our Whole Body Pixy, Wounded Willy and Damaged Debbie along with sectional phantoms for all your modalities.

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