Kodak Min-R

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KODAK MIN-R Mammography Processor
MIN-R processor

 The Kodak Min-R mammography processor delivers quality processing in an affordable, compact package. A specially designed film path and dryer improve image quality by substantially reducing the incidence of processing and drying artifacts. The result is increased diagnostic confidence with fewer repeats and more time with patients.

Other Features:

bulletAutomatic standby control turns off the film drive, dryer blower, and dryer heater to save energy when no film is being processed
bulletDigital developer temperature readout simplifies regulatory record keeping
bulletWhen used with Kodak processing chemicals, the Kodak Min-R mammography processor helps optimize the performance of Kodak Min-R 2000 film
bulletThe 142-second processing cycle (standard cycle) delivers 164 mammography film sheets per hour (18 x 24 cm)
bullet"Drop-in" successor to a Kodak M35M X-Omat processor; shares the same small footprint and electrical requirements, processor stand and replenisher tanks

Add the productivity benefits of roomlight film handling by docking the Kodak Min-R mammography processor to the Kodak miniloader 2000P.

Part of an unbeatable system

Use the Kodak Min-R mammography processor and Kodak processing chemicals with the Kodak Min-R 2000 film system to help your facility maintain the highest standards of performance and care.

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