Kodak 5000

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KODAK X-Omat 5000 RA Processor

RA5000 Choose kwik/RA, rapid, standard, or extended processing with fingertip ease with this high-volume rapid-access processor. Process T-Mat RA films in less than 40 seconds (45-second drop time) with the kwik/RA cycle. This cycle delivers 35 x 43 cm films ready-to-read at the rate of 485 an hour.

Other Features:

bulletProgram custom cycles for special needs
bulletReduce service time with self-diagnostics
bulletMinimize chemical and water use with advanced design

Add the benefits of roomlight film handling by docking the Kodak X-Omat 5000 RA processor to the Kodak multiloader 700 plus. With the processor set for the kwik/RA cycle, a 35 x 43 cm radiograph is dry and ready to read in just 53 seconds from the time a cassette is inserted in the multiloader.

Optional Features:

bulletSide-by-side installation provides placement flexibility, minimizes space requirements, and maximizes convenience and productivity.
bulletThrough-the-wall film feeding lets the processor also serve an adjacent darkroom, eliminating the need for a separate darkroom processor.

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