Kodak 2000

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KODAK X-Omat 2000 and 2000 A Processors

X-Omat 2000 This tabletop processor is designed for medium- and low-volume processing applications such as those found in clinics, private offices, imaging departments, laboratories, mobile vans, emergency and trauma departments, and surgical suites. This processor combines proven reliability and image quality with a selection of two processing cycles. The rapid cycle (90 seconds) processes 125 34 x 43 cm films an hour and is recommended for Kodak T-Mat films and similar general-purpose radiography films. The standard cycle (120 seconds) processes 100 34 x 43 cm films an hour. The 2000 processor is designed for 220-volt power sources; the 2000A processor for 110-volt operation.


bulletRapid and Standard Cycles
bulletExcellent image quality
bulletDeveloper temperature controlled to +/- 0.5F (+/-0.3C)
bulletEasy-to-check replenishment rates
bulletFlooded replenishment capability for low-volume processing
bulletAmbient-temperature wash water eliminates water heating and hot-water plumbing
bulletAutomatic standby control reduces power consumption and procesor wear
bulletEasy to service


Optional Accessories:

bulletKodak M35/M43/2000 X-Omat mounting stand
bulletKodak M35/M35A/2000 lighttight feed tray kit
bulletKodak developer-rixer replenisher tank set, 8-gallon
bulletKodak flooded replenishment kit


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