How to Order

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How to Order
X-Ray Grids
Grid Cassettes
Cassettes & Screens
Curved & Fidelity Cassettes

All of the fabrication services that Reina Imaging offers to its customers are customized procedures. Using these basic ordering guidelines will help you determine the specifications necessary for your particular application. Call 440-942-1241 to speak with a sales consultant for purchasing assistance on any of our quality products and services.  
Size: 8" X 10" 10" X 12" 11" X 14" 14" X 17" 18" X 18"  
Quality: Premium Deluxe Economy  
Ratio: 6:1 8:1 10:1 12:1 Custom  
Resolution: 85 LPI (lines per inch) 103 LPI 152 LPI 178 LPI  
Focal range:
33"-44" 0"-72" 48"-72" 60"-72" Parallel Custom
Original Protect-A-Grid(PAG - white Lexan plastic):
Protect-A-Grid with Channels (slip-on type)
Protect-A-Grid (for use as a tape on grid or for use with upright wall cassette holder)
Protect-A-Grid Encasement with Fins (for use with non-adjustable type wall cassette holders)
  Protect-A-Grid II(engineered aluminum):
Protect-A-Grid Encasement (for use as a tape on grid or for use with an upright all cassette holder)
Protect-A-Grid II with Channels (slip-on type)
Protect-A-Grid II Drop-on (grid cap)
Monotec (wafer grid cassette - available with or without I.D. window)
Crossbar (stainless steel grid cassette)
Deluxe push-button cassette (hospital grade)
Economy push-button (clinic, small practice)


Rare earth BLUE screen
Rare earth GREEN screen
Rare earth BLUE screen
Non-rare earth screen

Request a Quotation

Simply call 888-459-9729 to request your pricing.

E-Mail your request to:

Fax your request to: Your purchase order or Download our Quote Request form  (type right in the PDF file or write in it), print it and then fax it to 440-942-1388


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