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Our original Protect-A-Grid grid fabrication system has been the leading system on the market for grid protection for
the past 20 years. This innovative original series is fabricated of virtually indestructible Lexan TM plastic which offers maximum grid protection and contamination reduction, as well as eliminates downtime, shrinks repair bills and reduces wasted film and misdiagnosis.

The Protect-A-Grid II grid fabrication system takes grid protection and contamination reduction to a whole new level. This aluminum-constructed series of encasements still eliminate downtime, shrinks repair bills and reduces wasted film and misdiagnosis. This patented protective shell also reduces the risk of contamination due to blood or other fluid spills, making it safer for the patient and for the technician. Because of it's lightweight, yet durable construction, the Protect-A-Grid II is an excellent choice to enhance image quality, and speed-up patient throughput during portable exams in any department (O.R., E.R., Radiology, etc.).

Type: Size: Catalog #:
PAG with Channels 8 x 10inch P810
10 x 12inch P1012
24 x 30cm P2430
11 x 14inch P1114
30 x 35cm P3035
14 x 17inch P1417
PAG Encasement 8 x 10inch E810
10 x 12inch E1012
24 x 30cm E2430
11 x 14inch E1114
30 x 35cm E3035
14 x 17inch E1417
14 x 36inch E1436
14 x 51inch E1451
PAG Encasement with Fins 8 x 10inch EF810
10 x 12inch EF1012
24 x 30cm EF2430
11 x 14inch EF1114
30 x 35cm EF3035
14 x 17inch EF1417
14 x 36inch EF1436
14 x 51inch EF1451
PAG Drop-On 8 x 10inch D810
10 x 12inch D1012
24 x 30cm D2430
11 x 14inch D1114
30 x 35cm D3035
14 x 17inch D1417
PAGII with Channels 8 x 10inch P2C8
10 x 12inch P2C10
24 x 30cm P2C24
11 x 14inch P2C11
30 x 35cm P2C30
14 x 17inch P2C14
PAGII Drop-On 8 x 10inch P2D8
10 x 12inch P2D10
24 x 30cm P2D24
11 x 14inch P2D11
30 x 35cm P2D30
14 x 17inch P2D14


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