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Series M6B 90-Second Processor
This processor has quickly become the Processor of Choice for General Radiography and Mammography. Built-in electronics, combined with standard upgrades, make it an excellent value as well as a reliable part of your radiology department.

A brand-new molded tank is used to begin the internal refurbishing process. The heat exchangers are sealed in with new seals and compression nuts and new tubing are used to plumb the machine throughout. A new March recirculation pump is installed, as is a Gorman-Rupp bellows replenishment pump. To ensure accurate replenishment rates in the plumbing system, a new incoming water solenoid valve is used to facilitate water conservation and a new developer cooling solenoid is also installed to maintain proper development temperatures.

Temperature Sensing
The M6B has two electronically-controlled temperature sensing systems—the dryer and developer temperature control. The dryer is maintained through the use of new thoroughly tested thermistor, new dryer temperature potentiometer and reconditioned dryer heaters. The system is protected with an overtemperature safety thermostat and a new blower motor is used to recirculate the tempered air through the system. The blower assembly (which is rebuilt completely with new bearings, main shaft, squirrel cage and machined pulleys) completes the dryer temperature control section. The developer temperature control system is maintained through the use of a new thermistor, new or used developer heater assembly and is protected by an overtemperature device for safety. The sensing circuit on the PCB100 board monitors and controls all activities. The recirculation pump circulates the developer consistently throughout the system, to ensure uniformity in temperature. Finally, the developer is constantly being filtered through the new filter canister assembly and a new LED display of the developer temperature completes the system.

External Features
All units are finished with new internal plastics and new panel sets. The new "greige" color finish is both an aesthetic and eye-pleasing finish.

Electrical Requirements
This unit requires 240 volts. 30amp. Other electrical configurations can be accommodated upon request.

Water Requirements
Requires cold water only. Other specifications available upon request.

Controlled Testing Environment
TI-BA refurbished processors are tested for a minimum of 36 hours to ensure trouble-free operation prior to shipment to customer locations. All adjustments and calibrations are performed during this period.

Available Options
| Drip Tray | Air Exhaust Kit |


The reused electrical box is completely reconditioned with new relays, circuit       breakers and a new main wire harness assembly. All reused parts are thoroughly     tested and monitored for reliability. The new or reconditioned PCB 100 Board is        used to control all functions of the M6B. The auto standby feature will help conserve power and unnecessary wear and tear on parts, as well as assist the machine in     staying ready at the touch of a button.

Drive and Transport
At the heart of the TI-BA M6B are the drive and transport assemblies. The drive  assembly is completely refurbished, using a new main drive motor and a completely refurbished main drive assembly (which includes all new bearings, worm gears and shaft). The dryer drive assembly is assembled using all new dryer rollers, dryer studs and belt to complete the assembly. The final and most integral assembly included in the      unit is the rack transport assembly. TI-BA uses only the highest quality rollers to assemble each rack included in the system. The M6B transport systems consists        of a detector, developer, fixer, wash (silicone), developer/fixer crossover, fixer/wash crossover and squeegee rack assemblies. All of the latest OEM modifications and upgrades are incorporated into all TI-BA transport systems.

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