Counter Top/Mammo Bin

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Counter Top/Mammo Bin
Wall Mounted Bin
Plastic Film Bin
Space Saver Film Bin
Standard Film Bin
Bin Door Alarm
AMS Film Bins

All steel construction designed for smaller areas or low capacity requirements. Can be placed on the counter, the floor or mounted on optional wall brackets.

Counter Top Capacity -
4 boxes 14" x 17"
Overall- 10 5/8"W x 20 1/2"H x 19"D

Mammo Bin Capacity -
3 boxes 24cm x 30cm
Overall- 9 1/2"W x 16"H x 15"D

63160 Counter top bin - wt. 54 lbs.
63170 Counter top bin - lead-lined 1/32", wt. 103 lbs.
62125 Mammo bin - wt. 27 lbs.

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Last modified: 07/08/14