Ureteral Compression

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Pneumatic Paddle
Ureteral Compression

Ureteral Compression Device

The Ureteral Compression Device is used in an excretory urography. The belt fits around the waist of the patient so that he may be positioned quickly for studies at any angle. The belt is 65" long and the plastic plate is sewn into the belt for easy handling.


Item # Description
5005 Ureteral Compression Device (replacement parts listed below)
5009 Foam Block
5011 Plastic Connector (between 6" tubing and balloons)
5012 Air Inflator Bulb
5013 Balloons with covers, pair (includes tubing to the connector)
5014 Balloon only
5015 Elastic Balloon Cover (1 only)
5016 Tubing (6" length, from inflator bulb to the connector)
5017 Belt with plastic plate sewn in (65")

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