AMS Film Bins

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AMS Film Bins

AMS Film Bins

Front Loading - Easy under-the-counter access. Five Separate Compartments - Assures film size segregation (sizing inserts are provided). Holds 120 sheets per compartment - (600 total) Reduces out-of film possibility. Two-Models - 18-3/8" Trimline and 21-1/2" Standard - Maximum flexibility in darkroom design. Always in-stock at AIMS - Immediate delivery available. Bottom storage compartment - Provides additional hard-to-find space for modern compact darkrooms.

Model 30500 22-1/2" wide film bin
Model 30502 18-3/8" wide film bin

Our Safe-T-Lock, with its patented film bin locking system, uses a light sensitive eye that measures safelight conditions. It allows your 

technicians to open the film bin only when safelight conditions exist. Used correctly, the Safe-T-Lock makes it impossible to expose your film supply to white light. When the film bin is open in safe-light, a soft beep is emitted to remind the technician to close the film bin after use. For the price of a box of film, you can't afford another day without this indispensable safeguard against accidental film exposure! Order any of our AMS film bins already equipped with the Safe-T-Lock feature or adapt your existing film bin with our easy-to-install Safe-T-Lock unit (Model 30778).




MODEL 30778 Safe-T-Lock (only)
Material: ABS light gray
Power Source: Three 9-volt batteries (included)

MODEL 30510
21-112" Wide Film Bin with Safe-T-Lock

MODEL 30512
18-318" Wide Film Bin with Safe-T-Lock
Light-Sensing Eye - Assures that the film bin can only be opened under safelight conditions. 
Warning Buzz - A soft buzz that calls attention to the fact that the film bin should be closed. 
Compact Size - Can be easily installed in 15 minutes to existing film bins. 
Battery-Operated - No expensive electric wiring is needed. 
Low Battery Warning Light - Advises that battery replacement is needed.

Never worry again about accidental exposure of stored film. Designed by Pehamed of Germany with "state-of-the-art" technology, the Film Safe can only be opened under safelight conditions. Accidental exposure is virtually impossible. Here's how it works, To open Film Safe, press the lock release. The solid state components in the unit will measure the amount of light in your darkroom and if safe, the lid is released for removal or insertion of film. The lid is designed to "fall" closed when released.
Light-sensitive door lock
   Prevents accidental door opening and exposure of film.
Compact Size
   Large inside storage without bulk that wastes space in  
   Usable as standard under the counter (Model 30774), Table
   Top(Model 30772) or Shelf Mount (Model 30770 &  
Various Sizes
   Small unit holds up to 10" x 12" film sizes.
   Large unit holds 8 sizes up to 14" x 17".

Film Storage Bins and Film Safes - see page 33 for weights and dimensions.



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